The Houseboat ancestry can be traced to the traditional kettuvallams, native rice barges. The modern Houseboat is constructed with eco friendly local raw materials. To cruise down the meandering backwaters the hull carved from Anjili Wood is treated with traditional lore to make it water resistant. The arched roof, canopy, "Valavara" is made from bamboo, Arcanut tree and bound with natural Coir. The flooring too is of wood and marine plywood. Houseboat contains well furnished & bath attached bed rooms, sun bath-deck, lounge cum dining room and a hygienic kitchen. In the royal kitchen, delicious Kerala foods are prepared by traditional Kerala cooks.. Well trained boats-men and cook will entourage your trip, for making your trip more comfortable. We provide modern facilities like electric lights, fans, European style bathroom and showers in the boat. When the houseboat moves along the vast green expanse of back waters you can experience the most exciting cruise of the world. The rice fields, traditional villages, coconut farms, lush greenery amaze your sense of beauty. In the nights, while on anchoring, you experience unforgettable moments by the cool, calm and breezy atmosphere outside.